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Cheap Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

Some of us might not be very fortunate to have a luxury wedding party but you don’t have to worry since small budgets can also work for small family parties without reducing the cheerful atmosphere on your wedding day. In this article, we will discuss cheap wedding reception ideas which are suitable for those who have low budgets.

Cheap Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas
Modern Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

In creating cheap wedding reception ideas, the first thing you need to reduce is the use of furniture and decoration because both of them are totally expensive. To reduce the cost, it might be better to have handmade decorations such as candle centerpieces and ribbon accessories. Play with lighting, candle, faux plants,and tree to decorate your wedding venue so it won’t be too empty to look at.
Low Budget Wedding Reception Ideas

Outdoor wedding reception can be one of your solutions. You can have a wedding party in a church hall, a restaurant, a museum, and other outdoor spots since rental rates are much cheaper than that of a ballroom. However, you have to make sure that the rented place provides free dining arrangements.  If it doesn’t then you might need to spend more money for the dining set and tent which will be more expensive rather than having an indoor reception.

Backyard Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas
Affordable Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

If having an outdoor party is a bit too much for you, you might like having dinner with your close friends in your own house. What you need are decorations for the table, dining room, and the entrance hall which will lead them to the reception place. You can attach wedding ornaments or even flowers to decorate the room. This type of wedding party will be much cheaper for small reception dinner parties.

Elegant Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas
Minimalist Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

You can also manage your private garden as a wedding reception idea where you can still have an outdoor party without the additional booking costs. Decorating your gazebo as an altar will be the best solution, and you don’t have to play with decorations since the blooming flowers from your garden will add to the sensational look.

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