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Dead Landscaping Caused by an Underground Water Leak

Landscape maintenance and upkeep needs to be robust enough or some unknown calamity can cause major damage to your lawn investment. Grass, shrubs, and even giant trees can succumb to the hidden perils of an underground water leak. If you have a spot on your lawn where the water cannot escape, trees will not root, or shrubs will turn brown and die irrespective of what you do, you may have an underground water leak that is the culprit. Too much water in the surrounding soil, chlorine from a pool, or raw sewage leak will all wreak havoc on a plant’s ability to grow and thrive; and in many cases, cause them to die.


Landscaping Irrigation Leaks

One of the largest problems with underground leaks is in the irrigation lines themselves. Meant to feed the plants and keep them alive, an irrigation system functions on a timer, therefore plants will have a chance to drink in the water, rather than wallow in it. And when an underground irrigation leak occurs, a continuous flow of water can cause a plants roots to suffocate, ensuring the plant dies from the ground up. If you think your landscaping irrigation is leaking underground, be certain that you rent an underground leak detection company to pinpoint hidden underground irrigation leaks before it’s too late for your landscaping.

Underground Plumbing Pipes

Whether you have city water or a well pump, a main water line can be buried underground to supply your home with water. This water line will leak underground for years undetected and cause brown spots in your lawn, withering shrubs or maybe tree death. One of the best ways to test for an underground water main leak is by turning off the main that feeds directly into your house. Keep the well or water main on and check the water main for movement. If your pump still runs or the numbers keep adding up even once your homes water supply is shut off at the house, you can bet that you have an underground water leak. Get a licensed and insured underground leak detection company before serious issues have a chance to take place.

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Sewage Troubles

When sewage lines leak, it may be because of more than just an unhealthy smell. Raw sewage can easily cause your landscaping materials to wither away and die. With direct access to plants roots, raw sewage can mean instant death for even the hardiest of landscaping materials. Always be sure to call an underground leak detection specialist if you believe you may have any underground utility leak. This way, you will not only stop landscaping problems, but also avoid expensive repairs from the damages of an underground sewage leak.


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