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Modern Small Tropical Garden Design

Elements of Small Tropical Garden Design

Having a small tropical garden design seems like a dream come true for people. Even though you only have a tiny backyard, you can build a paradise which can impress the guests who come to your house. Tropical garden is considered as one of the most popular garden themes. The beauty of a tropical garden is unbeatable for it carries elegance and exotic flair. You should create a colorful, striking, and vibrant garden. The tropical garden is always achieved by using various exotic colors like red, orange, green, and pink. The plants and flowers in the garden should be able to project an outdoors feel. When the flowers blossom, they can attract bees, hummingbird and butterflies.

Modern Small Tropical Garden Design

Simple Small Tropical Garden Design

Some interesting flowers that you can grow include Bougainvillea and hibiscus. Both are considered as tropical flowers. Don’t forget to add some plants. A small tropical garden design will be nice if you can also set outdoor patio furniture. You can have it made from wicker or even rattan for a comfortable seating area. The wicker should be fitted with soft cushions. You can spread an area rug under the coffee table to provide a cozy stepping area to walk on.

Small Tropical Garden Design

Small Tropical Garden Ideas

The furniture can feature some drawers as storage areas. You can save books and other important items in the drawers. Installing a hammock is also a good idea. You can take a nap while lying on the hammock. If you just want to lay down, you can set a lounge chair under the pergola. To block the light while you are sleeping, you can install patio covers made from fabric above the pergola. The tropical garden will be nice if you can add some stones to the garden. It can be used as the material to create pathways, wall decors and patio areas in your small tropical garden.


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