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Modern Handicap Shower Design

Handicap Shower Design and Equipment

Disabled people need special shower equipment to make them independent and less inferior while spending time in the bathroom. Having common shower stalls might not be suitable for disabled patients, which is why you need use shower stalls which are especially designed and have passed medical standards. There are various shower stalls which can be used for handicapped people based on different levels of physical abilities.

Modern Handicap Shower Design

Shower rails which are made from heavy materials support the weight of disabled people. This type of shower equipment allows patients to take a bath by themselves. There are also shower seats which can you can consider, as these will help patients take a shower in the seated position.

Handicap Shower Design Ideas

To choose a shower seat, you need to check the license of the products. Make sure that the products are approved by ADA so you can be sure that the products have passed medical standards.  You can also choose to use shower thresholds and shower ramps which are available in various types.  Wet rooms are also convenient for a handicapped people, but the cost might be expensive since they are equipped with tools that help the patients move around easier.

Handicap Shower Design

In applying a shower for a handicapped user, you need to consider several things. First is the space for the shower as you need to make a room so patients will have no difficulty moving the wheelchair. Second is to make sure that the flooring of the bathroom is not slippery. You can use waterproofed flooring because the usual materials might cause problems for those who are only able to make limited movements.

Elegant Handicap Shower Design

Installing a curtain is also a must as it is used to provide privacy for patients. You also need to calculate the space where you should install operation controls so they can easily be reached by patients.

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