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Outdoor Garden Wedding Receptions Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Nowadays, people love to have a wedding celebration in an open area because they can invite more people and create a homey atmosphere. That is why an outdoor wedding idea is much preferable. You can manage having an outdoor wedding on an open swimming pool, private garden, lake, beach, and even on a wild area. It depends on the theme of your wedding. Lets discuss each of them.

Outdoor Garden Wedding Receptions Ideas
Outdoor Wedding Reception Inspiration Ideas

An open swimming pool wedding might be the most common one, since you can hold the ceremony in a hotel so you can maintain the private atmosphere of your wedding party. However, you might not be able to invite more people to your wedding unless you rent a larger swimming pool for your wedding party and of course, the rent will cost much greater than a smaller facility.

Simple Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas
Semi Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Having a wedding ceremony in a private garden might sound nice for you because they don’t need to worry about the cost for a wedding place. You can exchange vows under your Victorian gazebo while smelling the blooming flowers. This type of wedding party will be much preferable for the couple who only want to invite their family members and some of their close friends.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Design Ideas
Outdoor Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

You might also like the idea of having a wedding party on a lake where you can enjoy the wild scenery. Aside from this, you can also invite more people. When choosing this type of wedding party, you need to make a detailed calculation especially for the transportation.  Some of the wild areas might not be reached by cars so you need to prepare for any possibility.

Modern Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

If you want to be a show off a bit, having a wedding party on the beach will be one of the most ideal solutions. If you want to go extreme, you can conduct a wedding party in a wild area such as a jungle, in the hills, and maybe on the seabed. There are lot of inspiring outdoor wedding ideas which you can choose for your dream wedding.



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