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Minimalist Modern Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

An open kitchen might be the best solution for those who only have a small space. It saves space since it can be attached to the wall near your living room. Making a closed kitchen might be useless since it won’t be comfortable for two people to move around in a small kitchen. In this article we will discuss how to maximize the spare space that you have in order to create a dazzling looking kitchen,  especially for those who live in a small flat.

Minimalist Modern Small Kitchen

Wooden Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Small Kitchen Dining Room Combo Design Ideas

First thing you need to have in a kitchen is a cook top, sink, and refrigerator. These elements are the basic needs for the kitchen. When you have a small space, try to reduce furniture except for those three. If you want food storage areas in your kitchen then you might add cabinets which should be placed above the cook top.

Small Kitchen Design Interior Ideas

Small Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

It sounds really common to have such a plain kitchen, where you can only  include major elements including a sink, cook top, cabinets, and a refrigerator, but you can maximize each of these elements to create a gorgeous look for your kitchen by choosing what color might be best for their shape or how the material will affect the overall look.  Try to use bright and natural colors for your kitchen. Bright colors are able to keep the clean look of your kitchen while natural colors can be suitable for any furniture that you want to include. To create a contrasting look, you might include popular colors such as green and red for some of the furniture.
Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Simple Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Luxury Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Compact kitchens might also be possible for you if you have limited space in your house. There are 10 types of compact kitchens that are now available such as small modular kitchens, circular kitchens, carre, 360 degree kitchens, kitchen studios, Steward & Justin case, Kleine Kuche, Come Together, and Grandma Revenge. Most of them are open kitchens which are suitable for small spaces.

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